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Greetings from Belgium:) 40yo Maarten Bloemen aka FlowersinDutch is classically trained as a multimedia designer, a self-taught 3d & after effects artist, a kitbashing scale-modeller and a vinyl enthusiast with roots in traditional japanese and old school hip-hop culture. Combining knowledge in creative direction and production for various projects true the years, crystalizing different concepts and techniques made it possible to create these contemporary artworks. Telling a truly emotional story without any limits on imagination, translated true computer generated photographic realism. The spectator can step into a colourful detailed world, full of interesting characters, all in a surreal setting traveling true many lands of the mind together with the artist.

FlowersinDutch is not a newcomer to digital Art, after being active for more than 20 years in the field of design now is the time to place first steps in the NFT world and embrace the future. He will only produce unique limited edition minted pieces.